Synetica enLink Air LoRa Wireless Air Quality Monitor


LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality sensor Compact design to blend with any décor Power 12V-24V DC Long-range LoRa wireless | Up to 16 km range | Deep in-building penetration 1-2 km Simple setup | One button press to configure Signal strength indicator


Use Case Applications:

Office Buildings: The device can monitor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, and VOCs, contributing to a healthier work environment, reducing employee sick days, and increasing productivity. Healthcare Facilities: Providing real-time air quality monitoring across different wards and rooms helps ensure optimal conditions, preventing disease spread and enhancing patient care. Manufacturing Plants: It can track harmful substances released in the air during manufacturing processes, helping optimize ventilation systems, improve safety measures, and assist in regulatory compliance.

Additional information

Brand Synetica
Model enLink Air
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