SiteWatch SW060 60A AC Current Sensor


LoRaWAN AC current monitoring – up to the CT limit it’s attached to Easy Split Core Design: Clips onto conductors up to 0.95 inch without disconnecting Real-time Reporting: Delivers current readings every minute for precise monitoring LoRaWAN compatibility for long transmission ranges Secure transmission offers encrypted data and interference resistance Self-powered: Ideal for motors, panels, and industrial processes requiring 2 A+


Use Case Applications:

Use the SW060 for “before and after” energy measurements for energy conservation measures for utility rebates. It’s also great for doing electrical studies of loading on panels, using 3 sensors on 3 phase panels, Monitor 3 phases (sensor on each phase) to ensure the load is balanced, Use the SW060 to monitor troublesome equipment and create alerts to record abnormal behavior. Set alerts on over/under/loss of current to monitor the loading of equipment Break out loads for metering purposes, much easier than installing sub-metering!

Additional information

Brand SiteWatch
Model SW060
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