Quandify CubicMeter Sensor


Non-invasive LoRaWAN water & leakage monitor Patented technology eliminates the need for ultrasonic gel, which dries out quickly Up to 98 % accuracy & MID/OIML R-49 Compliant Up to 10 years of battery life No plumbing required Plug & Play installation with low maintenance Compatible with chromed/unchromed copper, plastic, and multi-layered pipes Leakage detection down to >1 l/h Wireless communication using 868MHz LoRaWAN


Use Case Applications:

Multi-tenant Buildings: Property managers of commercial complexes or residential apartments can use LoRaWAN water metering for sub-metering to bill tenants based on actual usage. Real Estate Management: Monitoring water usage in various properties to detect anomalies and manage resources efficiently. Hotels and Resorts: Monitoring water usage in different areas like spas, kitchens, and laundries and detecting leaks promptly to prevent wastage.

Additional information

Brand QUAN
Model CubicMeter
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