Netvox 2-Gang Thermocouple Sensor -High Temperature


LoRaWAN sensor that measuring high temperatures Can measure up to 2 different areas or objects Uses thermocouple technology for accurate readings Can be integrated into a larger monitoring system Suitable for industrial or laboratory use


Use Case Applications:

Industrial Manufacturing: The Netvox 2-Gang Thermocouple Sensor can be used in industrial manufacturing processes to monitor high temperatures in machinery and equipment. This can help prevent equipment failure and improve overall efficiency. Energy Management: The sensor can be used in energy management systems to monitor the temperature of boilers, furnaces, and other high-temperature equipment. This can help optimize energy usage and reduce costs. Food Processing: The sensor can be used in food processing facilities to monitor the temperature of ovens, grills, and other cooking equipment. This can help ensure food safety and compliance with regulations.

Additional information

Brand Netvox
Model R718CK2
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
Certification FCC