Milesight WTS305 IoT Weather Station


LoRaWAN All-in-One Weather Station Comprehensive weather data collection: Measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and barometric pressure ABS material: aesthetic and impact-resistant offering a good balance of impact, heat, chemical, and abrasion resistance High-power solar powered with chargeable batteries backup Store locally more than 19,000 historical records and support retransmission to ensure no data is missed Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission up to the line of sight up to 15 km in rural areas Solar-Powered & Chargeable Batteries Backup| Easy to install: Top-of-Pole Mounting Weather monitoring for agriculture, meteorology, forestry, ports, railways, schools, and buildings


Use Case Applications:

Agriculture: Farmers and agribusinesses can leverage real-time weather data to make informed decisions about irrigation, planting, and harvesting times. Environmental research: Research institutions can utilize accurate and comprehensive data for climate studies, weather prediction models, and other scientific investigations.

Additional information

Brand Milesight
Model WTS305
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