Milesight WS201 Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor


LoRaWAN level fill detection sensor Accurate Fill Level Monitoring with ToF Technology Easy to install with its ultra-compact size Damp-proof coating inside the device to ensure it works well in various conditions Compact Design Suitable for Diverse Boxes Ultra-low power consumption with standby mode, providing a durable battery life Up to 2 Years Battery Life with One Coin Cell Battery


Use Case Applications:

Toilet Paper Box Monitoring: Wireless fill level sensors in commercial restrooms enable timely refilling of toilet paper dispensers, ensuring customer satisfaction and hygiene. Real-time notifications help staff maintain adequate supply and improve user experience. Paper Towel Level Monitoring: Installing fill level sensors in paper towel dispensers in restaurants, gyms, or offices helps maintain stock and minimize waste. Real-time data ensures customers and employees have continuous access to paper towels. Shelf Stock Level Monitoring: Wireless fill level sensors on shelves monitor product stock levels, alerting staff when items run low. This optimizes inventory management and prevents stockouts. Data collected also support demand forecasting and supply chain optimization.

Additional information

Brand Milesight
Model WS201
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP30