Energy and Runtime Monitoring – Track Energy Usage of Industrial and Commercial Assets, Monitor Machine Runtime, and Track HVAC Efficiency.


  • Industrial solution for monitoring energy and runtime of powered assets
  • Simple clip-on installation for instant monitoring | No electrician needed
  • Multiple options to monitor anything from small appliances to large buildings | CTs available up to 5000A
  • Get instant mobile and email alerts based on run time , energy consumption, or machine maintenance
  • Self-contained power | No battery required
  • 1 year warranty on device and parts | FCC Certified
  • Partner licensing plan is required

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Solution Description

Energy monitoring made easy

Obtain actionable, insightful data that helps solve complex energy challenges, including reducing carbon footprints, decreasing costs, improving performance, all with scalable ROIs.

Save Energy and Money

Understanding how much energy your business is using, when and where, empowers you to find savings.  

Track Machine Runtime

Get a view into your business and track runtimes to ensure proper operation and efficiency. Reduces downtime and improves product quality resulting in better ROI.

Custom Device Settings

Remotely manage device configurations from your web or mobile app. You can edit settings such as device use, reading intervals, and unit type.

Easy Installation

The HotDrop’s non-invasive design allows it to safely install instantly without de-energizing a facility, delivering significant cost savings and scoping simplicity with a snap.

Instant Wireless Sub-Metering

The HotDrop embeds several patented and proprietary technologies that enable it to inductively charge itself on the wire it measures, with no external batteries or wires.

Unlock real-time energy efficiency

Provides state-of-the-art submetering with a simples, easy install and delivers minute-by-minute data instantly. In less than 15 minutes, one HotDrop reports more data than most meters do in a year.

Disruptive data behind the meter

Compared to traditional building energy level monitoring, the HotDrop relays millions of data points in shorter intervals, providing critical level data and infrastructure monitoring.

Instantly connect to any app or any platform

After all configuration and provisioning are complete. Simply select the destination, and the normalized data flow instantly into any 3rd party app or platform.

Installation is a snap

Get up and running in minutes!



Scan the QR code to onboard your device



Attach the HotDrop around the wire with a simple click of the latch



Within minutes the HotDrop will wirelessly charge and begin transmitting data

Product Sizes and Specifications

SecurityDual-cipher rotating 128-bit AES encryption + 128-bit AES transport encryption (3 total)
Configurable Data Intervals1 TX/min (standard); other intervals available
WirelessBluetooth BLE 5.1, LoRaWAN 1.0.3
Operating Temperature-40 to 85 degrees Celcius
Sampling rateup to 6,000 per second
PowerIntegrated power
Transmission868MHz SRD, 915MHz/2.4GHz ISM, AS923
Accuracy0.017% MoE, True-RMS

Questions & Answers

Is there a paid plan associated with this solution?

Yes. For more information on available plans, visit our plans and pricing page.

Does this device come with larger CT sizes for higher amperage?

Yes. Larger CT sizes are available for compatibility with up to 5000A.

Does the device require batteries and/or power?

No, the device uses the magnetic current to power itself. No battery or hardwired connection is required.  Just snap it into place, and begin monitoring.

What is the battery life?

Battery life is not applicable here. The device is self-contained using the magnetic current created by the equipment it monitors.

How often does the device send readings?

This device sends readings once every minute.

What data types does this device send?

Using the myDevices software tools, you can extrapolate many different data types based on the specific use case.  These data types include, but are not limited to: amp, kwH, average run time, run time in the last hour, run time in the previous day, total downtime, etc.

Is a CloudVU subscription required?

No, this device comes provisioned to work with the myDevices suite of software tools so that you can use it with any app or platform without a separate subscription to CloudVu.

Does this device work on any LoRa Network Server?

The LoRa Network server is included in the bundle, no need to provision the devices, just turn it on, and start monitoring.  For custom projects, please speak with our sales team.

Is the data secure?

Please review the myDevices Security White Paper.

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