Ellenex Submersible Tank Level Sensor


Submersible tank level sensor Accurate measurement of liquid levels Suitable for use in various tanks and containers Easy installation and maintenance Durable and long-lasting design Compatible with various monitoring and control systems Provides real-time data for efficient management of liquid resources


Use Case Applications:

Water and wastewater management: The Ellenex submersible tank level sensor can be used in water and wastewater management systems to monitor the level of water in tanks and reservoirs. This information can be used to optimize the use of water resources and prevent overflows or shortages. Chemical and petrochemical industries: The sensor can be used in chemical and petrochemical industries to monitor the level of chemicals and other liquids in tanks and vessels. This can help prevent spills and leaks, and ensure that the correct amount of chemicals are being used in the production process. Agriculture and irrigation: The sensor can be used in agriculture and irrigation systems to monitor the level of water in tanks and reservoirs used for irrigation. This can help farmers optimize their water usage and ensure that crops are receiving the correct amount of water.

Additional information

Brand Ellenex
Model PLD2-L
Data Sheet Download Datasheet
IP Rating IP65