Ellenex LoRaWAN® Operated Low Power Level Transmitter for Liquid Media


LoRaWAN® operated for long-range communication Low power consumption for extended battery life Designed for liquid media measurement Compact and easy to install Accurate and reliable readings Suitable for various industries and applications


Use Case Applications:

Water Management:The Ellenex LoRaWAN® operated low power level transmitter can be used for monitoring water levels in reservoirs, lakes, and rivers. This can help in managing water resources and preventing floods. Agriculture:The transmitter can be used for monitoring soil moisture levels, which can help farmers optimize irrigation and improve crop yields. Industrial Applications:The transmitter can be used for monitoring liquid levels in tanks and pipelines in industrial settings, such as chemical plants and oil refineries. This can help in preventing spills and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Additional information

Brand Ellenex
Model PLS2-L
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