Ellenex DUC3-L LoRaWAN Corrosion Resistant Ultrasonic Distance and Level Sensor


LoRaWAN ultrasonic distance level sensor Wide range of industrial applications High accuracy and repeatability Designed to meet outdoor applications Long-term durable performance in harsh environment | IP68 Ultra-low power | Up to 10 years of battery life Suitable for liquid and solid media


Use Case Applications:

Industrial tanks and silos: Monitor the level of various liquids and solids in industrial tanks and silos, such as water, chemicals, and grains. This can help companies optimize their supply chain and prevent overfilling or underfilling of tanks. Waste management: Can be used in waste management facilities to monitor the level of trash in dumpsters and compactors. This can help waste management companies optimize their pickup schedules and prevent the overflowing of dumpsters. Agriculture: Can be used in agriculture to monitor the level of irrigation water in fields and crops. This can help farmers optimize their water usage and prevent overwatering or underwatering of crops. Oil and gas: Can be used in oil and gas facilities to monitor the level of various liquids, such as crude oil, gasoline, and natural gas liquids. This can help companies optimize their production and prevent spills or leaks.

Additional information

Brand Ellenex
Model DUC3-L
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