Dragino DDS20-LB Non Contact Liquid Level Sensor

Real-time and accurate LoRaWAN liquid level sensor Ultrasonic technology measures the distance between the sensor and the liquid surface Calculates liquid levels such as toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis, and different pure liquids in high-temperature and high-pressure airtight containers Long-distance, low-power wireless data transmission Suitable for remote and challenging environments (e.g., agriculture, water treatment, chemical storage) Non-contact measurement, no direct access to the inside of the container needed

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Use Case Applications:

Agricultural irrigation management: Monitoring water levels in reservoirs and wells to improve irrigation schedules and conserve water resources. Water treatment plants: Maintaining water quality by monitoring water levels in storage tanks and processing vessels. Chemical storage facilities: Maintaining safe levels of hazardous liquids in storage tanks to avoid spills, overflows, and workplace accidents. Industrial process control: Monitoring liquid levels in various vessels and containers for accurate management and control of production processes. Oil and gas industry: Monitoring levels in storage tanks, separators, and containment areas to ensure safe and efficient operations. Sewage and wastewater management: Tracking levels in sewage tanks and wastewater treatment plants to optimize treatment processes and prevent overflows.

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