Cayenne IoT Ready Program TM for Hardware Manufacturers

Sell more hardware when you make your devices IoT-ready and available to your customers and thousands of developers already using myDevices Cayenne

Free for you and your customers.

Enable your hardware with Cayenne, the world’s first IoT project builder created for developers and engineers to quickly design, prototype, and commercialize IoT solutions.

Quickly connect your device to the Cloud

Device location-based tracking on maps

Access real-time and historical device and sensor data

Notifications based on triggered events

Trigger events with if/then statements

Access and manage projects from anywhere

Bundle for Free

Give your customers a free tool to create solutions with your hardware. Your devices will be IoT-enabled with Cayenne features at no cost to you.

Thousands of Developers

Your IoT ready hardware will be added to the Cayenne library accessible to thousands of developers that are already using Cayenne to build projects and solutions.

Device Interoperability

Your devices will seamlessly work with other devices. Developers will be empowered to design solutions by mixing-and-matching hardware to create IoT products.


Frequently Asked Questions