Easy to Manage

Whether you white-label or use your own platform, you'll get full access to the back office IoT Console to easily manage, support, and bill your end customers.

Easy to Manage

Device Templates

  • Over 450+ plug and play templates
  • Add new device templates in minutes without development
  • Supports any data type and unit of measurement
  • Create custom alert messages

Manage Customers

  • View customer accounts, locations, and devices
  • Reset account passwords
  • Disable/Enable Accounts
  • Deactivate devices

Remote Assistance

  • Securely connect to customer accounts
  • Provide real-time support

Device Lookup

  • Easy to use device registry
  • Access device status
  • See what account a device is on


  • Usage data to bill your customers
  • API to send customer billing data into your existing system

Device Management

  • Use LoRa, MQTT, NB-IoT, Cloud-to-Cloud, Bluetooth, Modbus, or any other protocol
  • Powersafe OTA firmware updates to change network and configuration
  • Agent providing offline/online status, remote reboot and traffic analytics

Solutions & Training

  • Ready to sell turnkey solutions
  • Marketing materials, sensor videos, sales training and account support

Deploy IoT Solutions

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