Cayenne Puts IoT into the Hands of Students and Businesses at World Maker Faire

Benny is Cayenne’s Product Manager and resident-jetsetter. Many in the Community Forum know him as @bestes, the guy who answers questions like it’s his job (it is) and who sports a perpetually chipper mood. Ever the Cayenne evangelist, one of Benny’s recent trips included World Maker Faire, which is one of the three flagship Maker Faire events. Following a couple of months after his visit to the original faire in Northern California’s Bay Area, this trip featured many of the same enthusiasts like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi Foundations, and other hardware manufacturers and education groups. At the New York event, Benny spent most of his time in the Arduino booth, showing off Cayenne’s dashboard and answering questions about IoT and maker projects on the platform.

Cayenne Arduino Woman
Benny and @ArduinoWoman pose for a quick photo at World Maker Faire, NY.

What eventually became a successful Maker Faire started out on a rather ominous note. Dark clouds on Friday morning gave way to heavy rains that drenched the outdoor venue as exhibitors rushed electronics from trucks to the covered exhibition area, moved power cables out of the way of rivulets of water, and began assembling brightly lit booths to showcase their ideas and products. Benny tapped into his inner calm, set up and tested the Cayenne demo board, and helped his Arduino hosts to prepare their booth.

Saturday welcomed nearly 100,000 in attendance with sunny weather and countless maker activities, exhibitions, and product demos to try. Benny was busy all day at the Arduino booth, greeting makers of all ages, from children to retirees, each enthusiastic about the possibilities in IoT and automation that Arduino brings. Just about everyone who stopped to watch a demo of Cayenne’s connectivity felt that the platform put IoT within their own reach, allowing them to tap into this exciting new world. A noticeable change with this event, according to Benny, was the fact that an increasing number of visitors had already heard of the Cayenne platform in one way or another, despite its being publicly available for only ten months.

Cayenne Booth at Maker Faire NY
Hundreds of makers explored Cayenne’s dashboard at Maker Faire’s Arduino Booth.

Also of note were the companies and hardware manufacturers that took a keen interest in Cayenne after seeing the automatic triggers, scheduled actions, and mobile alert features that come with the dashboard. Benny’s hinting of an upcoming API release that would enable all of them to add their own hardware to the dashboard sealed the deal for some, who exchanged contact information, excited to get in touch after the show.

Hearing from makers and Cayenne users face-to-face, along with dozens of conversations with business representatives, Benny was especially enthusiastic about their feedback, which validated the product roadmap. “Back at the office, we focus so much on building the [Product] Roadmap that it’s just refreshing to see real makers get excited about it—they’re the ones we’re building it for, and they’re excited–How could we not be?”

Of all the events in the 2016 calendar for Cayenne, Maker Faires rank among the year’s highlights. Although companies are critical to Cayenne’s mission, helping students and hobbyists to think like programmers and get involved in IoT has been one of the most rewarding aspects of Cayenne’s success, and events like Maker Faire put faces to names, and ideas into action.

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