A DevCon to Test IoT Interoperability

After so many positive and helpful interactions at events in recent weeks, like the World Maker Faire, CTIA’s Super Mobility Conference, and more, members of the myDevices team were excited to attend STMicroDevCon, a single-day conference for engineers and developers in Santa Clara. Like most conferences, networking was a major part of the event, as people from across STMicro’s community of partner companies were in attendance. In addition to using the opportunity to build and strengthen partnerships, myDevices representatives also showcased the interoperability of its Cayenne IoT dashboard by setting up actions automatically triggered by devices from varying manufacturers connected to the platform.

Alec, from STMicro, steals a quick moment during a Cayenne demo to give Brian a thumbs-up.
Alec, from STMicro, steals a quick moment during a Cayenne demo to give Brian a thumbs-up.

The event was well-attended, with software companies, hardware manufacturers, and other players in the tech industry showcasing their products and ideas. With dozens of potential partners in one spot, the DevCon was a great occasion for making business connections. “Meeting our partners face-to-face—some for the very first time—was one of the highlights of the whole event,” said Brian Bielawski, Business Development Manager at myDevices. “We talk to them all the time, but it’s always great to put a face to a name.”

Brian gives a tour of the digital dashboard to Uttam Bhat from Semtech
Brian gives a tour of the digital dashboard to Uttam Bhat from Semtech

Because STMicro hosts such a diverse hardware ecosystem, the Cayenne team built a special demo board to feature Cayenne’s flexibility. From its inception, the vision for the dashboard was to allow users to bring diverse hardware into one platform and apply logic, enabling an easy IoT solution that is truly hardware-agnostic. Though the API had not been publicly released at the time of this event, the demo board built for DevCon showcased Cayenne’s flexibility by connecting a LoRa device, an STMicro Nucleo board, an Arduino, and a Raspberry Pi. Each piece of hardware was connected to Cayenne, enabling the dashboard to read and display data from one, and use it to trigger an action in another. Such interoperability among sensors and other hardware has historically been a challenge for IoT and M2M, given differences in configuration and data input/output. Seeing this device-agnostic hardware interaction, however, several manufacturers expressed their interest in integrating their own hardware to the dashboard to allowing their products to interact with previously incompatible devices.

Cayenne's Brian and Benny after a long day at the STMicroDevCon
Cayenne’s Brian and Benny after a long day at STMicroDevCon.

The STMicroelectronics Developers Conference once again confirmed to myDevices that its Cayenne product is fulfilling an existing need in the world of commercial automation and machine-to-machine communication. As the Product Team continues to develop the platform, regular feedback from users will continue to play a vital part in project planning. Meeting existing and potential users at the conference created an environment in which Cayenne team members could speak directly with users and add their suggestions to the product development roadmap.

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