Valencia, CA, USA

The laboratory at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTAK) specializes in providing other laboratories with the controls they need for analysis. UTAK Labs are keen on quality control, as their facility must preserve the health of a wide range of temperature- sensitive inventory for their own faculty and student use, as well as for the use of other labs.

The Challenge

UTAK Labs keeps temperature-sensitive specimens that require staff monitoring in order to maintain their viability. The staff at UTAK Labs were in search of a refrigeration monitoring system that could protect their expensive lab inventory efficiently and effectively. In managing inventory such as urine, serums, blood, and oral fluid, the staff at UTAK must stay in compliance and record detailed reports of their refrigeration temperatures in order to maintain proper safety standards. Failing to properly monitor the materials at the laboratory can lead to costly consequences. A minor incident can cost thousands of dollars in wasted inventory, regulatory fines, lawsuits, and even reputational damage control.

The Solution

Within minutes, we deployed our IoT in a Box automated commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring solution into UTAK Labs. First, the staff at UTAK can rest easy, knowing that our solution offers the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection, ensuring end-to-end, embedded AES 128-bit encryption. The solution is 100% scalable, meaning that as UTAK Labs grows, staff can call on us to add sensors throughout their facilities as needed. With our cellular gateways we are able to offer UTAK Labs an unparalleled coverage range of 200,000 square feet. This level of coverage not only allows us to install temperature sensors directly into the refrigeration units without any interference, but it also completely overwhelms any coverage that a WiFi-dependent device might be able to offer. Our sensors transmit data in real time to our mobile and web interface so that staff can monitor refrigeration temperatures whenever, and from wherever, they desire. In addition, the IoT in a Box solution gives the staff at UTAK Labs the capability to identify and fix any refrigeration malfunctions or outages; SMS text messages and e-mail notifications alert appropriate personnel to temperature inconsistencies. Once staff members have taken a particular action to correct a problem, they have the option to document this action under the Corrective Action feature for future reference. Finally, our system produces compliance reports to UTAK Labs to keep on hand for regulating agencies. Our IoT in a Box system has saved, and will continue to save, UTAK Labs from encountering inventory losses, costly fines, and lawsuits.