Morehouse Foods

City of Industry, CA, USA

Morehouse Foods is a condiment sales and distribution company and they wish “to do what they know how to do best and do it better than their competitors”. They have trusted IoT in a Box to help with their monitoring system in their facilities. The company is eager to grow and in 2000 expanded into Canada with Morehouse Canada, and plans to expand further to then distribute their products globally. 

The Challenge

Morehouse Foods is required by law to monitor their refrigeration units. 

  • Originally relied on manual logs which were costly and inefficient 
  • Large facility to monitor, which was time consuming and took staff away from daily duties 
  • Inaccurate logging could lead to inventory and revenue loss 
  • Current process is difficult to maintain and labor intensive 

The Solution

Our IoT in a Box™ solution proved to be the perfect automated temperature monitoring system for Morehouse Foods’ facilities. With our scalable solution the niche condiment distributor will be able to expand with ease and we will be able to install our temperature sensors within minutes. Our cellular activation devices offers a coverage range like no other and competitors using WiFi based devices cannot compare. We can cover a range of over 200,000 square feet as opposed to others who can only over a 2,000 square feet range. The sensor data is logged in real-time to our easy-to-use web and mobile application allowing Morehouse Foods to be able to monitor their refrigeration units from anywhere and at any time. Notifications are sent through SMS text message and email as soon as an issue is detected, such as temperature fluctuations. Moreover, we provided Morehouse Foods with compliance reports regularly so they will be able to prove compliance to regulatory agencies if asked. Our solution allows Morehouse Foods to be proactive and address issues before a costly inventory loss were to occur.