Hyatt Regency Austin

Austin, TX, USA

The Hyatt Regency Group oversees many different hotels around the globe and Hyatt Regency Austin trusted us to streamline their monitoring process for their refrigeration units. 

  • Staff tasked with logging refrigeration temperatures throughout the day 
  • Has encountered power outages which has led to loss in inventory and major business setbacks

The Challenge

Hotel staff at the Hyatt Regency Austin were overwhelmed with the strenuous task of logging temperatures throughout the day and even after hours. With large amounts of inventory constantly in the refrigeration units an outage can mean a costly loss for the hotel. With staff preoccupied with temperature logging they will have less staff on hand to assure the best for their guests. For a hotel this size it is almost impossible to monitor equipment 24 hours a day. Periodic monitoring has also proven to be unreliable and labor intensive. 

The Solution

We were able to install our IoT in a Box™ solution in all refrigeration units throughout the hotel. With our system we can have sensors installed and operating within minutes, and at the Hyatt Regency Austin they were able to monitor their refrigeration temperatures with little to no effort. With our easy to use mobile and web application hotel staff have been able to access sensor data at any time and from anywhere. Our coverage range is unmatched due to our cellular gateway devices which can offer a coverage of 100 times larger than WiFi dependent devices.  Moreover, as an additional feature we offered to Hyatt Regency Austin, instant SMS text message and email alerts are sent if an issue were to be detected, such as a fluctuation in temperatures or a malfunction in their refrigeration units. Compliance reports are also scheduled to be delivered to hotel staff in order for them to prove compliance to regulating agencies when needed. Our solution also offers the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection.