Hyatt Regency Austin

Austin, TX, USA

The Hyatt Regency Group encompasses a wide variety of brands, hotels, resorts, and event spaces in over 60 countries across the globe. Hyatt’s philosophy is grounded in the notion of relationships: honoring the families that stay at their properties and nurturing camaraderie amongst hospitality staff. Specifically, the Hyatt Regency Austin believed that by streamlining their refrigeration monitoring process, our IoT in a Box solution could further their goal of fostering high company morale.

The Challenge

Hotel staff at the Hyatt Regency Austin were overwhelmed with the responsibility of logging temperatures throughout the day and even after hours. Their preoccupation with this task prevented them from thoroughly attending to guests’ needs. Because the Hyatt Regency’s refrigeration units are constantly filled with inventory, the staff knew that an outage would mean a costly loss, and for a hotel this size, 24-hour monitoring was not feasible. Periodic monitoring had also proven to be unreliable and labor-intensive.

The Solution

Within minutes, we were able to install our IoT in a Box solution in all refrigeration units throughout the Hyatt Regency Austin, and hotel staff instantly began monitoring the temperatures in those units with little to no effort. The solution’s foolproof mobile and web applications give staff the convenient authority to access and to regulate sensors from anywhere. After all, our cellular gateway devices furnish our system with a coverage range 100 times larger than WiFi-dependent devices. This caliber of coverage ensures that that SMS text messages and e-mails that signal refrigeration malfunctions or temperature fluctuations will always get through to the appropriate personnel, enabling them to take action. At no time should a data breach concern hotel management, as our solution offers the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection. We have also scheduled compliance reports for delivery to the Hyatt Regency Austin so that they can appease regulating agency requests for documentation.