Webinar: How to Jumpstart your IoT Projects

Join our webinar, featuring 451 Research VP Brian Partridge, and myDevices CEO, Kevin Bromber, as they discuss the latest trends in IoT and how businesses can understand and take advantage of IoT to add value to their organizations.

Webinar: How to Jumpstart your IoT Projects

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Merging the digital and physical worlds via the ‘Internet of Things’ is both exciting and daunting for nearly every competitive industry around the globe.  Business leaders need to be asking their teams “What value can IoT create for us?” and importantly “What will IoT do for our competitors?” In just the past year, the IoT ecosystem has delivered massive technical advancement and cost reductions in key enabling technologies from sensors, SOCs, and networks to IoT development platforms, Clouds and analytical tools.  As we move through the second half of 2016, dismissing IoT as hype, immature, or insecure is no longer a viable choice. With a strategic imperative to investigate the possibilities offered by IoT, stakeholders such as application designers, engineers, IT system architects, systems integrators, and managed service providers will require the ability to rapidly prototype IoT concepts from scratch at low cost.

In response to these growing demands, myDevices developed Cayenne, the first drag-and-drop IoT Project Builder, to allow users to quickly design and prototype projects. Join the discussion and see how to jumpstart your IoT project.

Attendees will learn:

  • IoT Definition and Key Trends
  • Review of the latest 451 Research IoT enterprise survey data
  • myDevices Solution Approach
  • Demonstration of How to Start Your IoT Project with Cayenne


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