Raveon and myDevices Partner to Usher New Networking Technology for IoT

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Raveon Technologies, a leading provider of integrated wireless data products. Raveon designs and manufactures wireless radio products for M2M communications and IoT connections.

Raveon’s countless wireless technologies and interfaces help thousands of companies connect systems over large distances, and in most extreme conditions. The company selected myDevices’ Cayenne IoT Project Builder and front-end data visualization tools to bundle with their proven hardware solutions.

“Raveon is excited to partner with MyDevices to expand our solutions offering,” said Matt Froncillo, LoRa product manager and Engineer at Raveon. “Cayenne is a great platform for our customers to quickly and easily deploy full systems for monitoring and control of various sensors and controllers. Cayenne will cut down on the amount of time we spend customizing our user’s platforms and, at the same time, provide our customers with more options when configuring their systems to their specific applications.”

myDevices and Raveon personnel are members of the LoRa Alliance, an open, non-profit association dedicated to promoting the LoRa protocol. This partnership will integrate Cayenne with Raveon’s LoRa hardware products and enhance their ability to connect low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances in harsh environment.

With an in-house production facility and an engineering team with a wealth of RF experience, Raveon is well positioned to connect your product to the smarter world. For more information about Raveon’s wireless data products, visit or call 1-760-444-5995.


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