myDevices Celebrates National Week of Making with “IoT Night”

Last week, as part of the National Week of Making, myDevices teamed up with HexLab, and hosted “IoT Night,” an event for people interested in learning more about the Internet of Things and how it benefits businesses, individual makers, and developers alike. With more than a dozen in attendance, it was an exciting evening of conversation, learning, and making.

IoT Night took place at HexLab, a makerspace for creative prototyping, learning new crafts, and using specialized tools. Attendees explored the lab area and browsed projects currently in progress by members of the Chatsworth facility, trading ideas about their own automation projects.

Benny Estes, Product Manager at myDevices, gave a presentation on the purpose and potential of the Internet of Things, and how it could become accessible and beneficial to all with just a basic understanding of the concept and hardware. He explained that building prototypes could be a challenge for companies with limited resources and that IoT platforms exist to help to bridge the gap between the idea and its practical application. This is where a free platform like Cayenne makes the process even easier.

IoT Night 1
Benny, myDevices’ Product Manager, explains the Internet of Things and how it can be used to the benefit of businesses and makers.

Cayenne is a drag-and-drop platform that enables users to create a customized digital dashboard to view and control data and actions. Benny showed participants how to set up triggered events, automatically scheduled actions, and email/SMS notifications. Some makers were especially enthusiastic to hear about the upcoming API release that would allow Cayenne to interface with any hardware, in addition to Raspberry Pi and Arduino (that is now in Beta).

After a brief question and answer session, Mike Hexter, who founded HexLab, demonstrated a simple project using a Raspberry Pi computer, a temperature sensor, an LED light bulb, and the free Cayenne app. Everyone gathered around, some following along on their own hardware while others simply took notes, as Mike created an account on his phone, automatically discovered his Pi on the network, and set up a trigger in Cayenne to turn on the light when the temperature rose above a 70 degrees.

IoT Night with Cayenne
IoT Night attendees follow a demo of Cayenne’s drag-and-drop dashboard at the HexLabs makerspace in Chatsworth, CA.

“Watching everyone’s reactions when they realized what they could do without writing any code was the highlight of the night,” said Benny. “Evenings like this totally validate the effort the Cayenne team puts into our app.”

As the evening drew to a close, attendees brainstormed aloud about types of projects they could create and continued asking questions about IoT, HexLabs, and Cayenne. Following up on the successful event, Benny announced plans for another meetup to showcase Cayenne and the Arduino microcontroller.

Cayenne is a free drag-and-drop project builder for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
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