BuyaPi Cayenne Kit Available Now!

We are pleased to announce has teamed up with myDevices to offer an out-of-the-box kit to create IoT projects within minutes using a Raspberry Pi powered by Cayenne.

HiPi Industries ( is one of Canada’s leading retailers of microcomputers and micro-controllers and their related peripherals. They design and manufacture their own Raspberry Pi and Arduino products and have a global supplier network to access unique modules, shields HATs, add-ons and sensors.

The kit is on sale now for $98.44.
Get your BuyaPi Cayenne Kit Here!

The kit comes with most popular sensors, actuators and ADC:

Also it includes:

With this kit you can play, learn and do a number of projects including these well-documented tutorials:


Take advantage of the volume discount that this kit offers:
Click here to get your own BuyaPi Cayenne Kit!


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