Analysts Say

By: Jake White, VP of Marketing Communications

Since the launch of myDevices earlier this month, several leading analysts covering the IoT industry have had an opportunity to review our innovative platform. Here are a few highlights:

Brian Partridge, Vice President, 451 Research

“To its credit, the company already generates profits: the next phase of the journey for myDevices it to complement its customized software experience and talent with a new horizontal enterprise platform offering, the myDevices IoT Platform, which offers enterprises the combination of a consumer-facing front end, with data collection, analysis and engagement tools at the back end.”

“The myDevices IoT Platform is being positioned as a complete solution that covers front-end application development and middleware to enable integration with existing back-end IT systems (such as CRM, BI and marketing intelligence). The myDevices IoT Platform is device- and protocol-agnostic, to support a wide range of edge platforms, such as sensors, gateways, consumer appliances, wearable technologies, smartphones, PCs, home products, and open source hardware “maker” platforms. At the edge, the myDevices Platform uses protocol translators to support MQTT, AMQP, CoAP or RESTful APIs. The front end is designed to interface with the end user while the back end captures and translated IoT data.”

Knud Lasse Leuth, CEO, IoT Analytics

“myDevices is solving one of the biggest problems the IoT world is faced with today: the lack of device interoperability. The company has developed an integrated IoT platform that allows seamless connection to a number of different IoT devices. They have a state-of-the-art device management system, a processing & action management module, as well as data visualization capabilities. All of these elements are crucial to a mature IoT platform. I have personally seen the platform in action and have been impressed how easy it is to connect and control devices via the MyDevices platform.”

Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

“In the rich landscape of IoT platforms, myDevices is offering a truly unique product. Through a combination of front-end and back-end features that run on any device, myDevices enables companies to analyze the usage of their connected devices and the associated behavior of their consumers so they can then tailor their marketing activities accordingly and provide superior customer lifecycle management. It’s a powerful and exciting piece of enterprise technology.”

“myDevices has some very interesting features that understand the usage of connected devices, analyze that usage, and provide the ability to make intelligent decisions from that usage. It is a platform that looks at the community of consumers for the benefit of consumers, in addition to the benefit of connected device manufacturers. myDevices has taken the wise approach of being device-agnostic and “friendly” for retailers in particular.”

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