World Ag Expo: Not Our Usual Tradeshow!


First visit to world’s largest outdoor agricultural expo is a trip into a new world for Brian Bielawski


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“My first thought was, ‘we’re not at CES anymore’,” laughed Brian, Business Development Manager at myDevices. At the World Ag Expo, the largest show of its kind in the world, cowboy boots were the footwear of choice, with no slippers, ruby or otherwise, in sight. “They had an expo area for businesses, as usual, but it was outside–and there was barbecue…and country music… and it was like the entire city [of Tulare, CA] was there, with every type of farm machine you could imagine.” The event, which attracts attendees and exhibitors from around the globe, is a business event by day and major cultural event by night, complete with live music, free-flowing beer, and even a tractor parade.


Brian's first trip to World Ag Expo | myDevices Cayenne IoT

Brian’s first trip to World Ag Expo was a trip into a new world.

As this was his first visit, Brian’s plan for the three-day expo was twofold: first, supporting companies that were demonstrating agriculture IoT solutions using myDevices’ Cayenne platform, and second, deepening his understanding of industry needs, enabling myDevices to serve its current and future agricultural clients in more industry-specific ways. To this end, he spent part of his time at booths featuring Cayenne-powered demos, like GlobalSat, Embedded Works, and Vinduino, answering visitor questions and showing off the value that each of these tech leaders brings to farming automation. To broaden his understanding of IoT needs within agriculture, he spoke with people from across the industry. Brian crossed paths with educators from various chapters of Future Farmers of America (FFA), local growers, and even commercial farmers with multi-million-dollar M2M and IoT systems. As the cost of technology becomes more manageable, IoT solutions companies like myDevices are better suited to place this previously exclusive technology into the hands of agricultural organizations of all sizes.


Vinduino, one of myDevices' partners at World Ag Expo | myDevices Cayenne IoT

Vinduino, one of myDevices’ partners at World Ag Expo


To hardware manufacturers, Brian explained that a system like Cayenne would enable them to add the hardware they produce to Cayenne’s library, instantly making their handiwork interoperable with any other IoT hardware on the market. And because Cayenne takes care of features like data management, asset tracking, and automatically triggered actions and notifications, manufacturers and service providers could now focus on building custom and white-labeled functionality, leaving the data crunching to Cayenne.


“The value is definitely there,” says Brian. “They [our future partners] don’t need to reinvent the wheel and figure out how to make one piece of hardware talk to another. They can take what Cayenne has already built and customize it to their own solutions with their own logos. No one’s starting from scratch here.”
As each sunny afternoon came to a close, the family-friendly event transitioned from business expo to cultural event. People stopped handing out business cards in favor of drinks, and enjoyed the company of strangers in agriculture over live music, a rib-eye sandwich, and a relaxed evening.
Asked if he’d return next year, “–Absolutely. We’re going back next year. Definitely,” interrupted Brian. “There’s a ton of new IoT solutions being developed right now in the ag [agricultural] market, and companies that make hardware or provide an automated service can be ahead of the curve because Cayenne’s already done a lot of the grunt work.”


A environmental shot of World Ag Expo | myDevices Cayenne IoT

The World Ag Expo is the largest outdoor agricultural expo in the world.


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