Who Puts Cayenne on a Raspberry Pi?

What if we told you that setting up a Raspberry Pi for IoT projects can be achieved in a matter of minutes. That connecting your Pi to an online or mobile dashboard, with a breadboard ready to connect motion sensors, lights and relays can be completed shortly after that? You’d probably think we are nuts. And yes, we are (in a total productive way), and we made it happen! Sure, you can go the long way and write an app, read tons of documentation, take the time to learn new programming languages, code, code and code some more. But why invest so much time in prepping your project, when you can be up and running in a fraction of a time and building your automation projects in minutes.?

So how is this all possible? myDevices IoT Project Builder called Cayenne. Cayenne was created for developers and makers eager to quickly build and prototype amazing projects with their Raspberry Pis. With your free Cayenne account, you can create an unlimited amount of projects. You also have full-fledged IoT maker capabilities so you can remotely control sensors, motors, actuators, including GPIO boards. Unlimited storage of data collected by your hardware components, triggers and alerts that provide the tools you need for automation and the ability to set up threshold alerts. You can create custom dashboards to showcase your project with drag and drop widgets that are also fully customizable.

Care to see if for yourself? Check out the Cayenne set up video with the mobile app.

Sign up and take Cayenne for a spin! Make sure to check out the “Getting Started” guide and join the Cayenne Community to share your thoughts. Remember we’re still in Beta and appreciate all your feedback and recommendations.


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