IoT Developers Simplify the Connected World with Cayenne and ESP8266

The world’s first ESP8266 IoT contest showcased an impressive amount of projects in one of the most successful community IoT contests to date.


Over 950 developers signed up to participate in the world’s first ESP8266 based IoT contest. One needs only look at the quantity and quality of submitted projects to see the success of the contest for all parties involved. As hosts, industry innovators SparkFun, myDevices, Espressif, and teamed up to create an unforgettable experience for IoT project creation.


Developers were challenged to simplify the connected world using the ESP8266 and Cayenne IoT project builder, and we’re excited to say the finalist projects involved complex hardware assembly and sophisticated programming. Furthermore, SparkFun gave away 75 of its ESP8266 Thing Dev boards to developers who submitted exceptional project ideas. The grand prize winner will receive $200 cash, a $100 SparkFun promo code for the purchase of hardware, Espressif’s new ESP-WROVER-KIT ($50 value), and company swag. All 16 winners will receive the ESP-WROVER-KIT in addition to cash prizes and company swag. The entries were reviewed and judged by a panel of experts from all over the world.


Grand Prize Winner: HAM – Home Automation and Monitoring System

$200 cash, $100 SparkFun promo code, ESP-WROVER-KIT

The winning project used Cayenne’s RESTful API to create a customized app for a network of nodes with sensors, actuators, video surveillance, and alarms.


Cayenne user ‘neoxelox’ used Cayenne’s API to create an app, called Home Automation and Monitoring (HAM). The HAM system combines four elements; Cayenne, ESP8266, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Neoxelox commented that “Creating my very own App using Cayenne’s API was a challenge I had wanted to do for some time. This IoT contest inspired me to take it on. I loved using SparkFun’s ESP8266 Thing Dev board.” The HAM network is formed by five different nodes, each communicating to a central hub. The HAM app brings together sensor data and the video surveillance system.


Runner-up: Warehouse / Control Shed / Greenhouse Monitoring

$150 cash, $50 SparkFun promo code, ESP-WROVER-KIT

This prototype is made for the industrial IoT and used to enhance warehouse or greenhouse monitoring through the SparkFun ESP8266 Thing Dev board and Cayenne IoT project builder.


Humidity and temperature monitoring is an essential factor in salt/dairy warehouses and greenhouses, and Cayenne user Muhammad Afzal has created a solution that automatically streams real-time statistics and sends alerts if something goes wrong. When asked why he used Cayenne, Muhammad responded, “it’s connectivity and user interface is easy to understand which makes solution development fast and cuts the price.” Video Link.


Runner-up: iWet – An Automated Facilities Request System

$50 cash, $50 SparkFun promo code, ESP-WROVER-KIT

Instantly notify the facilities department when a bathroom runs out of paper towels, soap, and other items in real time.

How do you ensure timely service of 67 bathrooms, 131 paper towel dispensers, and 275 soap dispensers? Larry Deaton and his team decided to improve this process at their place of employment using several ESP8266’s and Raspberry Pi’s. The Cayenne dashboard relayed the following statistics: paper towel, soap dispenser, and plumbing issues requests made, submitted, and completed. Great job Larry and team! Video Link


If you were not able to sign up for this IoT contest, don’t worry, there will be more contests and competitions in the future. Stay tuned!


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