Cayenne Users Worldwide Collaborate in Online IoT Session

Earlier this week, Cayenne users from around the world tuned in online for a hands-on tutorial with Benny and Jake from the Cayenne team. This worldwide project-building session introduced users to the the digital dashboard and automation with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. For many of them, it was their first experience with IoT.

Given the number of countries represented by registrants, Benny began the session at mid-morning in Los Angeles, which was mid-afternoon in South America, evening in Europe, and slightly later in the evening for users in North Africa. With Jake moderating questions from in the chat feed, Benny led the group in connecting a Raspberry Pi with a BMP180 temperature sensor, and an LED. Then, he showed viewers how to create “if/then” statements using drag-and-drop menus in the dashboard. Together, the group created a trigger to turn on the LED after the temperature reached a certain level. Benny tested his setup by holding his finger over the BMP180 to increase its temperature and activate the trigger, and then helped users to troubleshoot any problems they had while following along.

Cayenne Online Beginners Workshop
Benny demonstrates cross-platform control, using the Cayenne dashboard to activate an Arduino LED with a Raspberry Pi sensor.

One popular feature of the dashboard is Cayenne’s ability to interact with various hardware platforms. Using the BMP180 and Raspberry Pi connection, Benny showed users how to activate an LED connected to an Arduino. With a similar trigger setup as before, the Raspberry Pi’s BMP180 successfully activated the Arduino LED, though Benny joked that if it failed, he would have simply blamed Jake for distracting him with so many questions during the setup process. Throughout the hour-long session, Jake had been chiming in to ask questions and make comments based the conversation among attendees, creating an atmosphere of collaboration among users.

Working together, Benny and Jake ran a session that allowed users to get hands-on training in real time with their own hardware, wherever they were around the world. Their dual roles helped maintain the narrative of Benny’s tutorial, while enabling Benny to answer every question over the course of his lesson. For Benny, the highlight was the constant interaction from the audience, which remained connected and engaged for the duration of the session. In the future, he hopes to make these online meetings a regular event, soliciting more interaction from users and enabling them to showcase their own projects to a worldwide audience and connect with each other.

“Seeing the Community face-to-face and sensing their enthusiasm for IoT definitely made the meeting a success,” said Benny, who had promised to meet again for a more in-depth look at Cayenne in an “advanced” session in the future.

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