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In just three weeks since its launch at the IoT Evolution Expo, adoption of Cayenne has grown dramatically—amassing thousands of users and continuously growing. The team behind Cayenne credits strong support from Raspberry Pi maker communities and media such as EDN Network, IT Business Edge, ReadWrite, Silicon Angle, the M2M Connectivity, and more.

Cayenne’s debut and award for Best IoT Edge Gateway Solution at IoT Evolution Expo’s Battle of the Platforms showcased its ability to make project building on single board computers accessible to non-coders and more streamlined for advanced users.

EDN on myDevices Cayenne WebsiteEDN Networks
commented, “with a platform and front end like myDevices and Cayenne, starting development for the IoT is going to become incredibly easy, promoting an explosion of innovative ideas.”

Cayenne allows users to connect, visualize, and control sensors, actuators, and more—all without the need to code. Cayenne discovers and installs hardware connected to Raspberry Pis, allowing users to set up triggers and alerts using the drag-and-drop dashboard interface.

IT Business Edge on myDevices Cayenne Website

IT Business Edge said Cayenne’s dashboard is “a simple set of tools that enables the organization to jumpstart an IoT project quickly.”

readwrite on myDevices Cayenne WebsiteCayenne’s pairing with the low-cost Raspberry Pi and other hardware places IoT projects within reach for a larger base of makers. Readwrite magazine explains that “Cayenne’s support for Raspberry Pi could make it popular with tinkerers who like that cheap hardware platform for simple projects and prototypes.”

But the benefits of easy IoT project building aren’t reserved for makers and hobbyists. Cayenne also enables professionals to demonstrate proof-of-concept projects in minutes instead of hours or days.

Silicon Angle on myDevices Cayenne Press PageKyt Dotson of Silicon Angle wrote that, “on the business side, Cayenne makes it easy to do cost-effective prototyping,” which keeps costs and building times down so professionals can focus on innovation and building.

M2M on myDevices Cayenne WebsiteGiven the progress that IoT has seen as an industry, M2M Connectivity magazine claims that “now is the time for companies that specialize in the IoT to step forward with solutions that will help bring the IoT forward. This appears to be exactly what myDevices, an IoT solutions company, is thinking as the company…announced Cayenne, a robust platform designed specifically for IoT projects.”

In just a short amount of time, Cayenne has been well received by IoT gurus and amateurs alike due to its: accessibility to makers of all levels, simplicity and ease of use, and business applications that help move IoT forward. We’re excited to be making a difference and we look forward to leading the evolution of “easy IoT”.

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