Cayenne Heats Up CTIA’s Super Mobility Conference

For companies involved in the world of wireless technology, CTIA’s Super Mobility Conference has become a valuable opportunity to network with industry leaders and showcase business ideas. One of the benefits of such a large-scale production is its ability to attract decision-makers from many companies and industries, all wireless-related, and all interested in exploring potential business opportunities.

For myDevices and fellow members of the LoRa Alliance, this international gathering of wireless technology providers has the added advantage of bringing many companies in the Alliance together, creating additional opportunities for partners to enjoy some face time and hands-on collaboration. Though CTIA hosted exciting sections for retail, drone, auto tech, and more, the opportunities in M2M and IoT were the most attractive to myDevices’ business development manager, Brian Bielawski, who attended with dual goals of meeting with wireless IoT industry leaders, and to support myDevices partner companies using its Cayenne dashboard to showcase their products.

Actility showcases with myDevices Cayenne Platform at CTIA Super Mobility
The recent partnership between myDevices and Actility has created even more opportunities for LoRa’s diverse ecosystem.

As a member of the BizDev team, part of Brian’s role is to help develop and deepen business relationships that ultimately give the end user a better IoT experience. The fact that many of myDevices’ partner companies in attendance at CTIA were showcasing their own products using Cayenne’s digital dashboard came as welcome news, and also illustrated how the public would be able to make practical use of such diverse data from independent companies using a standard IoT data visualization interface. Partner companies exhibiting with Cayenne included Actility, Ingenu, Semtech, and more. GlobalSat, another recent technology partner, is a major manufacturer of GPS and wearable technology. They invited Brian to be on-hand at their booth to answer questions and give product tours. Our team was excited about the response from conference attendees, and pleased to be able to support our partners by talking with their customers and helping to demo their products.

The Super Mobility Conference also gave an opportunity for myDevices and potential partner companies to deepen their collaboration. Brian and myDevices CEO, Kevin Bromber, spent part of the conference meeting with business leaders across the IoT field, giving both parties a chance to explore and develop partnerships, with each company brainstorming its own way to contribute to an end solution that would leverage the combined IoT expertise. With companies serving a host of industries, including parking management systems, restaurant and retail solutions, agriculture, and more, meetings at CTIA were a welcome opportunity for in-person discussions.

“Having an IoT product like Cayenne that can be helpful to so many companies makes these conferences a lot of fun,” said Brian. “We’re actually bringing a necessary piece of the puzzle to the table.” myDevices looks forward to future opportunities with other companies seeking to build solutions in the world of IoT.

Ingenu showcases with myDevices Cayenne Platform at CTIA Super Mobility
Ingenu shows off Cayenne as a tool that is soon to be compatible with their network.
ST Microelectronics showcases with myDevices Cayenne Platform at CTIA Super Mobility
We were excited to see Cayenne displaying instrument data at the STMicroelectronics showcase.
GlobalSat showcases with myDevices Cayenne Platform at CTIA Super Mobility
GlobalSat’s COO and Brian pose for a quick photo after setting up their hardware data displays using Cayenne.
Semtech Showcasing Cayenne at CTIA Super Mobility
Semtech Senior Engineer, Uttam Bhat, displays their hardware using Cayenne’s dashboard.

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