Cayenne: A Big Hit at Denver’s Oldest Hackerspace

Denhac is a community clubhouse for tech enthusiasts to work on creative project ideas. Established in Denver and run by volunteers, it’s is the oldest hackerspace in the city, and hosts regular tech nights and MeetUp events for members and the public. One of their recent events featured Cayenne, our drag-and-drop dashboard for IoT projects. The evening was led by longtime Denhac volunteer, Robb Hendershot, who set up a sample project and led a discussion about possibilities in automation using our free platform.

Speaking before an array of Raspberry Pi components, Robb gave an overview of Cayenne to the community, provided a demonstration of a sample maker project, and brainstormed with attendees about the possible use-cases that could be created using the platform. Robb showed the group how to load the Cayenne agent onto a single board computer like the Raspberry Pi B, Zero, or 3, and to display data on the digital dashboard. “Members got a good look at how easy it was to set up a Raspberry Pi on the fly,” recalled Heidi, another volunteer leader at the hackerspace and attendee of the event. As Robb connected devices and sensors to the miniature computers, he demonstrated use of the popular “Add Widget” functionality within the dashboard, pointing out the reduction in time required to install hardware, and then used the visual rules engine to command sensors to trigger actions in other connected devices. Attendees took note of the simplicity of not only connecting, but automating maker projects with very little need for coding.

DenHac MeetUp Features Cayenne IoT Project Builder
Denhac members have 24/7 access to the facility and all its community and tech events. Photo: @Moore_NathanJ

Denhac is unique in its mixture of a tech-focused project workspace with a community-centered clubhouse. Members have twenty-four-hour access to the facility and enjoy each other’s company for technology-related events and presentations, but also for board game nights, movie nights, networking events, and other community-building activities. Beyond the Cayenne demonstration, Raspberry Pi computers are no stranger to the community hackerspace. Members also apply their creativity and expertise to projects to that improve the facility, like a Pi-controlled vending machine that pushes inventory data to the group Slack Messenger channel, or an artistic, Arduino-controlled wall of lights that separates the lounge from the classroom space. Whatever their skill level, each member of the community can learn and contribute to group projects. Heidi describes the venue as a meeting space for “geeks, nerds, and people who share interests in making and breaking things.”

As the maker session concluded and Denhac’s weekly open house event began, members of the public began arriving and peering over shoulders into the classroom area to catch the last few minutes of the event.  Attendees continued asking questions for a short while longer, brainstorming their own project ideas, and giving feedback.

We at myDevices thank Heidi and Robb of Denhac for telling us about their special event and showcasing our platform. Cayenne is a free, drag-and-drop project builder for IoT projects. Sign up at and start your next Raspberry Pi or Arduino project!

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