Announcing Cayenne’s IoT Project Contest!

Cayenne IoT Projects Contest

The Cayenne team just announced a project submission contest for the months of September and October. You may be asking yourself, “what makes this contest unique and why should I participate?” Here the first reason. With Cayenne, it’s super quick and easy to get started with the Raspberry Pi or Arduino. For example, you could start monitoring the temperature in your room with a BMP180 temperature sensor in a matter of minutes. Add some drag and drop trigger logic to send a SMS text message when the room goes above a certain temperature, and you’ve got yourself a basic IoT project! Now all that’s left to do is write a brief summary and upload a few pictures to the Projects Made With Cayenne category on the Cayenne community forum.

Now for the second reason. Cayenne is offering $50 to every person who simply participates in the contest. That’s right, $50 for an less than an hour to create your basic IoT project. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of projects you can create! Switch out that BMP180 temperature sensor for a TSL2561 luminosity sensor and you’ve got yourself an entirely different use case in a matter of minutes…and another $50.

The rules are simple and stated in the contest post on the Cayenne Community forum:

  1. There is no limit to the amount of projects you can submit 
  2. You must submit the project to the following three platforms:
    1. Projects Made With Cayenne category
    2. Cayenne’s page
  3. The project must be compelling in the sense that it has a real world application. For example, turning on an LED with the Cayenne app -while still a fun and rewarding experience!- would not be a compelling enough project for this contest. Sorry! BUT, turning on your living room lamp with the Cayenne app is a real world application. Your project does not have to be super complicated!

Lastly, there is a grand prize of $200. So when you consider how easy the Cayenne platform makes creating IoT projects, the $50 participation prize, and the $200 grand prize, it’s a no-brainer that you should participate in the contest!

Start Your Project!
Got questions? Click here to post directly to the contest page.

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